Gran fondos – All About Building Relationships

Wow, RBC GranFondo Whistler was an incredible day. I didn’t want it to end. The weather, the clear road (less pylons and hardly any obstacles or dirt on the pavement) and most importantly, the energy of everyone on and along the ride.

Cycling has such a unique way of allowing participants to interact and be a part of something very special as a group. So many facets of this event contributed to the special feeling that we all felt before, during and after.

The support of everyone involved was huge and hearing volunteers, friends and family cheering the participants on was special. The signs that they held up were especially poignant as many appeared to be riding for a cause, coming back from a traumatic moment in their lives or simply rising to the challenge to make their family proud!

I particularly enjoyed getting to know people on the ride by pulling up beside them and engaging in conversation. So many interesting people with variations in background and reasons why they were riding to Whistler.

For many, it was apparent that the passion of cycling had caught hold and riding to Whistler in a safe, challenging way was the best way to show their love for their newly found sport. Barney Bentall was riding with his wife and they proudly described their kids and grandkids! Such a tribute to a sport that allows people to continue to ride into their ‘golden years’!

A final thought – I also saw many corporate groups who rode the RBC GranFondo Whistler as a team: Viterra, Mercedes-Benz, NetApp and Long View Systems to name a few. What a great way to build team spirit and cement relationships among a working group. “Chapeau” (hats off) to everyone who completed the event and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Me with Team Long View at the start line.



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Cycling fanatic, Olympian and IT geek. Claim to fame: 1st North American to wear yellow jersey in the Tour de France.
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